its going to be hard but i can do it

allibaster papercrafts address has changed! this is the door from my old house. i'm so sad to say goodbye


the aves street fair is always so much fun. i sold out of magnets.i guess i better start making more for next year!

iwas excited to win something. this picture won first in amateur and also won the overall. so i got $80 total! the most money i've ever made from one picture!

check out meet the buds. killerbuds newest 20 minute album. thanks
 some sports magnets!  i love the idaho state bengals!

i helped make a couple letters for the maker faire sign. the tiger is my favorite.

i have a couple other bigger pics i've made but i need to track them down to take pictures. then i will post more!


here are some tapes i made for the aves street fair 2011. nobody was interested in tapes. sad.

this, unfortunately is not all the papercrafts i've been working on lately. i almost always forget to take a picture b4 i give them away. i sold these at the avenues baksale and still have plenty available. let me know if you want one. a tape comes with every papercraft